blueberry crush mix medium

"Solaris" -Cosmic connection that makes us feel  so small and at the same time so big and important in this world . The eyes one of the main things in my art. It is no doubt in me that the eye is a mirror reflection of the ocean of the universe.




"Party favor" (part of Night Marcher Series) A story about a man and a cat who have to travel and go through random situations and places in life... But they are always together no matter what.

"Faith " (above)

 "Kinky lust "( part #2 of " night marcher " serios.) (above)



" The Agust " (above)



"Fever " (above) 



 "Dove wave " 




"Chasing the Sunset"(above) Artists never stop looking for more inspiration. The Hopeless romantic path, what can i say...

"Lost in the wind " (on your Left )- trying find that lost key to dark secrets of the underworld. Look for the light through the darkness .


"Somewhere in time " - inspired by trip to California one time ... 

  Almost all of my art pieces have poetic and subjective  stories benind them, based on emotion, experience, and symbols which come from every day life. My experiences recreate in my heart and come out on the canvas as life patterns from my point of view .

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"Savage love "(above) - Let me just give you key words : games, desire, secret lust, love can be  deadly, theatrical drama in life. Is  everyone just an  actor? Can you trust them? Lost and only the taste of sweet, sweet berries on my lips ... 




Central part of " Mother of everything "(above)- Energy of  great freedom and unpredictable power is hidden  you cant avoid it . 

image of "Mother of Everything " from art show at " Bunker" ,Phliladelphia 2009 . Under  the blue lighting ... 



"Feel wild under your skin "-when you're waiting for the change, when you are missing something or someone and feel like something new is around the corner. Don't you feel like a big wild cat before an important jump?! Just wait, trust your life passion. It will come to you if you Manifest Love.




Detail of: "Savage love "- bitter sweet love poision ... 



"Mother of everything"(above)-Universal cycle of nature conects dark and light. The  5 elements recreating each other non stop. Mother Nature holds a strong energy of freedom that is hidden for the blind eye of a closed mind. We can have it all and be free if we would let go and pay attention to simple things of Greatness.  

 "Self portrait " unfinished time..



 "Self portrait" - Elements of nature's magic that printed in my heart. My dream of The Blue bird that brings me inspiration of happiness.



"Moody heart "(above) - when it hearts it looks like this sometimes  ..



 Dreams, dreams, beatle dreams ...




"New born spirit "(above)- Inner peace. Concentration on manifestation of new reborn spirit. New balanced idea after a dramatic emotional experience in life. 




"Signal"(above)- This girl I know, sends out strong fire spin energy to the people and makes them feel warm. This is how it looks :) 




"Sun mantra "-Have you ever fealt like it is only you and this one moment, one object in nature that makes you forget all troubles and stay still in observation?  It helps to feel free...



collage part of "Kinky Lust" -I love to use collage style when I have already formed message to send ... 

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