SAMSARA CHILD by Blueberrycrush

SAMSARA CHILD, based in Philadelphia PA


Hi! Friends! On this page you will be able to see “SAMSARA CHILD” design line. My line of the art in fashion and style based on a lot of similarities with rest of my artwork. “SAMSARA CHILD” presents true love of the color, bright design that breaks free from frame of the specific style and medium!

Hand made wedding hair piece winter 2011 (SOLAR RIDER) 


Reason why I started fashion line connecting with my goal to experiment with every type of art that will cross my path. With “SAMSARA CHILD” art fashion line I want to share strong positive energy with unique, free, bright fashion. Design could be created specifically for you. Also you able to choose something that is already made and feels like it reflects your character and spirit.

 Queen of the hearts.... more magical ladies! "SAMASARA CHILD" wedding hair piece. Summer 2011

 First Jewlery Audition


When I say “free fashion” I mean that is your imagination and emotions should create, mix and match your fashion style. Make it work for you not the other way around. Be free and don’t depend on some demanding opinion of the crowd or mass production of the stereo types. You don’t have to chase trendy, over rated, over priced thing to make yourself feel like unique character with great taste of the art.

Extra fun with contrast colors and geometrical shapes fragments of the nature...

Below: Sea glass  one of the kind pendants craftly hand painted. Style involes with eclectic universe simbols presenting sacred nuture of the life in dark and light.Sea glass holds natural powerfull energy of the water that's been polish it gently from time to time...


 Everything that I make is one of the kind as original fashion-art pieces. Fashion item that created by “SAMSARA CHILD” would be unique thing that will belong only to your wardrobe. The only daily basic textile designs ( t-shirt and fabric prints) would be print in limited audition.

“SAMSARA CHILD” extremely personal and friendly to our clients. Your ideas and your interests would be discuss with great attention in order to create something special for you. More interesting designs are coming… Its just a begging… pleasure gently ...

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